The Boiler Hero.

The Who.

A man with an idea, and a clear understanding of his industry and customers. Boiler purchase is generally speaking a distress purchase. When your boiler goes pop, you need help and fast. The idea of The Boiler Hero was born.

The Why.

It was indeed a great idea. A great brand name. It just needed a great brand and collateral to go with it. The founder’s ambition was to be a national brand, so the first steps had to be right.

The Solution.

With a name like ‘Boiler Hero’ visions of capes and underpants on the outside of tights come to mind. We felt that particular pitfall was to be avoided, our hero was to be of the Emergency Services kind.

The Outcome.

We adopted a Hi-Viz brand colour with a strong black type, and a winged logo shape, to represent the speed of response.

Above all, we wanted to create a big brand feel. Also our positioning ‘You know who to call.’ Carries with it the confidence and trustworthiness of a call to our Emergency Service heroes.