Major Family Law..

Re-Brand and marketing support.

The Who.

Major Family Law specialise in just that, family law. This focus gives them a real edge, and they’re truly experts in their field. They’re kept pretty busy, firstly, everyone has family, secondly, families often break up, which creates a whole bunch of legal issues to be handled and dealt with. Best to go to a specialist rather than a generic law firm, that’s the Major difference, good advertising line that!

The Why.

Major Family Law had grown and achieved a great deal. It was time, though, to take stock of themselves, and try to make the brand more cohesive and more consistent. They also wanted the brand to project a sense of confidence, which would in turn give clients confidence and strength at what, in a lot of cases, is a very difficult time in their lives. We were called in to do just that.

The Solution.

From the outset, we had this idea that families form and perpetuate the circle of life. The simple iconography of the circle, the form without end, seemed to us to symbolise family, and therefore family law. The brand became encapsulated within a circle, and circles were used as brand equity to house typography, photography, and graphics.

The Outcome.

The circle of life has its biggest test when it comes to divorce. The splitting of the shape down the diagonal perfectly expresses the separation that divorce creates, whether this is the family itself or the family assets and property. We continue to use the circle device to create unique, meaningful, and effective advertising and promotional campaigns both on and offline.

We began working with Hedley McEwan at a time when we need help to guide us on our future path. Their solution to our brand and subsequent marketing activity has helped us develop a clear vision of how we communicate as a business. We now have a very clear understanding of our own brand and brand voice.

Joanne Major, Founder