Lowes Financial Management..

Brand development and marketing support.

The Who.

Lowes Financial Management has been on the go and on the grow since 1971. Success has led to success, the team now numbers over 90, based at Fernwood House in the leafy suburbs of Jesmond. As Chartered Financial advisors they are highly qualified to look after and care for their many clients’ financial needs. They are particularly highly regarded nationally for their specialism and expertise in Structured Products.

The Why.

Though they have never looked back since being founded in 1971 by Ken Lowes, his son Ian, now CEO felt that 2021, being the firm's 50th year, would be a good time to step back and re-evaluate the brand. Lowes has always had a strong sense of what makes them different, that they care for their clients’ personal finances personally.

They wanted to amplify this sentiment in their communications strategy.

The Solution.

We could see before us a very successful, well-run business. They had a real understanding of what they had to offer and what they were really good at. We felt instinctive that their personal approach to the client’s finances wasn’t quite coming across clearly enough. Marketing materials were saying the right things, but perhaps the tonality wasn’t hitting the mark, playing the right tune so to speak.

The Outcome.

We created a very simple, memorable phrase to underpin or introduce marketing messages: ‘Say Hello to Lowes.’

Need help with your pension planning - ‘Say Hello to Lowes.’ Admittedly, it is simple, but the alteration sticks. Above all, it has a warmth and friendliness about it that reaches out and engages to create a ‘personal’ call to action.

It’s great to work with an agency which help create simple, yet effective ideas that holds everything together making every day a lot easier. Working together is a easy and smooth process which enables us to plan and we know that everything we put out resonates with our core brand values.

Adele Baillie, Marketing Manager