Female Astronaut in Space Suit

Life Science Centre.

Brand development and marketing support.

The Who.

Life Science Centre is the visitor attraction that forms an integral part of the International Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is a hands-on, minds on interactive experience with the science of life as its focus.

In 2021 it come of age, being twenty-one years old. Hedley McEwan has had the pleasure of working closely with them for the last ten years.


The Why.

As Life itself has come of age it was time to review the way in which it communicates and engages its audience.

In-depth research was carried out to discover just what people thought about the Life Science Centre and what it had to offer. As a charity Life receives its funding through visitor spend, so it was vital to get the next part of the journey right to maximise income for the centre.


The Solution.

Research confirmed what the team at Life and we ourselves suspected, that Life was appealing to a very niche audience and was progressively become more of a ‘young family’ destination. We needed to re-position the offer to appeal to a wider audience both in age and interests.

The Outcome.

Starting with a simple change in positioning, moving from what Life is: ‘Science Centre’ to what Life offers: ’Science for all.’ We have also produced an extensive campaign of bizarre and interesting science-fact-based advertising. Whether out of home, online, or in print our surrealistic, montage creative will surely appeal to all age and interest groups. 

Hedley McEwan have worked with us for many years now, we really do see them as an extension of our team, they get what Life is all about and always produce great work.

Linda Conlon, CEO