Brand invention and marketing support.

The Who.

A new property company with a mission. To find and take over, run-down, unwanted buildings, often eyesores and a burden to local authorities. Buildings that are simply going to ‘rack and ruin.’ Kinetic then brings them back to life.

Re-configure, re-shape, re-vitalise. Turning them into useful, attractive buildings once more, suitable for modern life and today's way of living.

The Why.

Kinetic required a brand that could open doors, that could represent them when dealing with planners, local authorities, investors, construction companies, and architects. They needed to look professional of course, but they also wanted to look dynamic, energetic, and creative.

The Solution.

A brandmark inspired by the eclectic energy and vitality of the artist Jackson Pollock. A flexible and adaptable identity fluid yet consistent. A brand that can adapt, change and vary its appearance when needed. A mirror held up to the mission of the business. An exciting brand that makes people sit up and take notice of.

The Outcome.

The Kinetic portfolio of projects is as eclectic and diverse as the brand itself. Business centres, wedding venues, hotels, apartments, coffee shops, bars, restaurants even a whisky distillery. Every project is true to its original goal. Turning disused, unloved buildings, and making them vital parts of the community once more.

We work with Hedley McEwan across a wide range of our business interests and have done for many years, they have an uncanny knack of hitting the nail on the head!

Stephen Black, Founder