Kendal Mint Co..

Brand invention, development and marketing support.

The Who.

Kendal Mint Co. is a fledgling brand, though its core product is over 100 years old. Kendal Mint Cake is famous the world over for its energy-giving properties. It went up Everest with Hillary and across the Antarctic with Scott and kept the army on the move for years as a staple part of ration kits.


The Why.

The idea was simple but ambitious. Could Kendal Mint Cake the original energy source, be re-imagined and re-packaged for today’s energy-absorbing, runners, swimmers, climbers, and triathletes, with bars; gels, and powders? Well, that was the concept, could it be done?

The Solution.

We managed to create a balancing act between a product with a 100-year heritage and an up-to-date contemporary sporting brand. Firstly, aware of the fact that Kendal Mint Cake was a product category and not a ‘brand’ we decided to name the new company ‘Kendal Mint Co,’ in an attempt to own the category. The Kendalian Archers helped win the day at the battle of Agincourt in 1415. That was our ‘heritage’ taken care of! 

The Outcome.

A range of 6 products with striking KMC NRG design motif was launched in 2019. The products not only look great but they taste great too and have all the energy-giving properties of their rivals. The brand has been very well received by all, but in particular by the serious sporting community.

There is a good chance this brand would not of got off the ground if it were not for the talent and vision of the team at Hedley McEwan.

Paul Barker, Founder