Highgrove Beds..

Group and product branding, positioning and marketing.

The Who.

Highgrove Beds are quite possibly one of the UK’s best, yet unknown success stories. Based in Yorkshire, and occupying a vast manufacturing site, they are without doubt Britain’s biggest bed makers. With awesome efficiency, they produce over 5,000 beds a week! That’s a huge quantity of beds and a whole lot of good night's sleep.

The Why.

Though having an extremely strong B2B business, Highgrove’s ambition was to build a stronger consumer brand presence whilst continuing to grow their trade and B2B reputation. A tricky balancing act, but one well worth the effort and investment for continued growth.

The Solution.

Complete re-brand and positioning of the group. Creating a range of new product brands, trade, and consumer campaigns. New websites to align with the new brands and positioning. Also, the creation of new technology and specification branding.

The Outcome.

A more contemporary suite of brands and marketing materials, creating the effect of disturbing the status quo in the existing marketplace. Accelerated and continued growth right across the Highgrove portfolio.

Hedley McEwan have been responsible for the transformational creative work we’ve undertaken for Highgrove in line with our strategic objectives. Their dynamic approach and fast response have been key strengths in our long-term business partnership.

Shane Harding, Consultant Marketing Director