Gateshead Archive.

New Brand development and marketing support.

The Who.

Gateshead Archive is a new entity. It did not exist but was the brainchild of the team at Gateshead Libraries. They worked tirelessly to be granted funding by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to create a platform from which to show and share their historic archives. A space would need to be designed and created especially to house the exhibition.

The Why.

Gateshead libraries realised that they had masses of old photographs, newspapers, and other historical documents that were locked away gathering dust. They knew what a treasure trove their collection was and wanted to share it with the community it represented.

The Solution.

Though an archive is normally the home of official records of legal requirements. The Gateshead collection was more of a social record, the off-the-record stuff if you like, and a lot of the material was produced and curated by ordinary but passionate people in the community. We wanted to be very clear about this act so christened the project ‘The Peoples Archive.’

The Outcome.

The new brand and market collateral had to jump through many hoops to gain approval, but it did and despite delays caused by the global pandemic is now up and running. The launch of the Gateshead Archive has also led to the development of the Gateshead History Festival for which Hedley McEwan has also created branding, marketing, and print materials.

Hedley McEwan not only designed a fantastic brand for us, but also helped with numerous presentations in the approvals process to help us gain the necessary funding to develop the Gateshead Archive. They are also helping us with print and online advertising for the Gateshead History Festival.

Jennifer Bell, Senior Librarian