Cyber Shelter..

Re-brand and marketing support.

The Who.

Cyber Shelter provides independent IT security consultancy services. It’s a rapidly growing sector driven by the ever-increasing internet-based threats to businesses. The government is so concerned that they have set standards for IT security under their Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus initiatives. Cyber Shelter are one of a handful of businesses certified to carry out audits of IT security backed by the government.


The Why.

The internet space is a fast-moving, rapidly changing environment. Brands in this landscape need to feel as if they are part of it, carrying with them a certain visual and tonal language that projects a sense of being at the cutting edge of technology, and on top of new developments, ready to react in an agile and effective manner.

The Solution.

The existing brand did a good job of presenting a strong, secure, professional image. We felt that the brand was more reflective of an offline environment, and that work could be done to give it a more technological, online feel. At the same time, we know that too technical can often fail to communicate with your everyday business person.

The need was also to have a brand and website that was user-friendly as well as internet savvy.

The Outcome.

We created a brand with a lot of charm and warmth, charmth we like to call it. Yet it still feels techy and suitable for today’s online world. Talking in language that makes, what can be complex, very simple, and friendly. It’s an approach and a brand that is being very well received by the business community.


We absolutely love our new branding and website. We didn’t actually ask Hedley McEwan to look our existing brand, they just took it upon themselves proactively. We were about to launch an extensive marketing campaign, and they thought the time was right to look at how we were presenting ourselves, they were spot on.

Martin Hart, Founder