Clearly Drinks..

Brand development and marketing support.

The Who.

Clearly Drinks are a Sunderland-based drinks company with a range of bottled and canned water brands.

Clearly have been bottling on the same site for over 130 years, originating in 1885, well known for many years as Villa Drinks. Crisp, clear, pure water is drawn to the surface from onsite boreholes.

The Why.

Clearly felt that the time was right to bring to market bottled water in a glass. More environmental and sustainable glass also provides the platform for a more valued upmarket bottled water brand. Get it right and it was hoped that their water brand ’Northumbria Spring Water’ would find its way into fine dining restaurants and quality hotels.

The Solution.

We positioned ‘Northumbria Spring Water’ as coming from the Land of the far horizons. A phrase coined by the 19th-century historian George Trevelyan to describe this wild, dramatic corner of England. Appropriately, a watercolour depicting the Northumbrian landscape was used on a clear label to enhance the feeling of purity and unspoiled nature of the terrain. To encourage businesses, hotels, restaurants, and public houses to stock the brand, we encouraged them to: ‘Expand their horizons.’

The Outcome.

The brand and the total package have a real elegance and sense of place. The intention was to create a bottle that would stand proudly and look perfectly at home at the tables of even the finest restaurants and hotels. The brand has truly taken on the beauty and romance of this breathtaking part of the country.

We didn’t just want a bottle design for our Northumbrian Spring Water, we wanted to tell a story, to convey a taste of the wild beauty of the Northumbrian landscape. The team at Hedley McEwan seemed to capture its essence and literally bottle it!

Laura Pickard, Brand Manager