Brand re-design and marketing support.

The Who.

Why choose one bank when you can choose them all. This was the idea and driving principle behind Cascade. Cascade was created to provide independent and unbiased solutions in the care of client’s cash. Utilising their unique financial technology they’re able to optimise and administer bespoke cash management solutions in seconds.

Making sure that their clients’ money is always in the right place at the right time to maximise returns.

The Why.

A great idea, unique software, and happy clients. However, now was the time to increase their market share and spread the word about Cascade. The missing piece of the jigsaw was the brand. It all felt a bit generic, a bit nondescript. They felt that they needed something more unique in line with their offer, something with gravitas and presence in the marketplace.

The Solution.

We thought that it would be a good idea for our new Cascade brand to have some kind of relationship with the subject manner of the business. In the course of our research, we noticed that virtually all the symbols used to represent cash around the world used the same typographic mechanism; A-line or sometimes two lines cutting across or down through a letter or a symbol. We, therefore, offset the ‘crossbars’ on the ‘A’s and E of Cascade to create a similar effect, creating a unique monetary brand logo.

The Outcome.

A unique brand was created and launched into the market. All literature and customer touchpoints developed a sense of gravitas and trustworthiness, vital when dealing with other people’s money! Since the introduction of the new brand, the growth curve has been steep, the business has expanded, and new areas of influence and brand extensions being developed.


Hedley McEwan got it right away, a fantastic solution with real integrity. Our new brand has a kind of subtle intelligence about it. On the one hand it has its own identity, on the other, it resonates with our business and the sector we’re in, pretty clever really!

Emma Black, Founder