Bauer Radio..

Marketing support for the charity Cash for Kids.

The Who.

Bauer Radio is part of the Bauer Media Group UK. For over 6 years now, Hedley McEwan has looked after the marketing of their charity ‘Cash for Kids.’ The charity is the third largest children’s charity in the UK and has a particular focus on Christmas. In fact, Hedley McEwan designed the now iconic, Mission Christmas brand.

The Why.

Making sure every child has a happy Christmas is the ‘mission.’ Every year gifts are donated, collected then re-distributed to underprivileged children by ‘Cash for Kids.’  Hedley McEwan was asked to develop a character to spearhead the campaign for the coming years.

The Solution.

Reliant the Robin, Santa’s red-breasted chum was born. Helping Santa identify kids in need of cheering up, Reliant stars in high-quality digital animation, print, point of sale, out of home, in-store, online, offline, you name it and we’ve more than likely put Reliant the Robin on it!


The Outcome.

Staggering levels of engagement and overwhelming levels of donations and support. We think you’ll be seeing Reliant the Robin for many Christmases to come.


Hedley McEwan have given Cash for Kids fantastic support for many years. Reliant the Robin is a fantastic idea and has literally taken Mission Christmas to another level.

Phil Waller, Cash for Kids Digital Manager