Ad Gefrin Distillery..

Brand creation, development, and marketing support.

The Who.

Ad Gefrin Distillery at Wooler in Northumberland is a new business. The brand name comes from the Royal residence of the Kings of Northumbria built near Wooler in the 7th century. Ad Gefrin was an impressive site, with a number of longhouses, a Grand Hall and even an amphitheatre. The distillery which is presently under construction will act as a focal point for local arts and crafts as well as the production of single malt whisky and other spirits.

The Why.

This is early days for the Ad Gefrin Distillery. The first distillation is a long way off, and that neutral spirit becoming whisky, even further down the line. However, first things first, a brand for the distillery was required, a website, apparel for the team, literature to help garner investment, and also branding and value structure for distillery members clubs, which is intended to create an income stream ahead of the distillery opening.

The Solution.

The Royal site at Ad Gefrin is a little-known, yet important piece of national history. Let us not forget that at one time the Kings of Northumbria had command over the entirety of what is now, England. It was felt that the Ad Gefrin story needed to be told. Therefore, our brand work is unashamedly resonant of the Northumbrian Kingdom. In fact, our positioning line for the Distillery is ’Spirit of a Kingdom.’

The Outcome.

We worked hard to create a brand that was both true to its historic origins, but, at the same time, felt fresh and contemporary. We devised a beautiful brand inspired by the ‘Insular art’ of the 7th-9th century. With typography equally reminiscent of the period. We have also created a full suite of designs and packaging solutions for the many and varied spirits that the distillery intends to produce.

Within an extraordinarily tight timescale, Hedley McEwan grasped our vision for a new world-class visitor destination and distillery inspired by the ancient hospitality of Northumbria’s Golden Age and gave us stunning brand imagery with which to launch to the public and capture their imagination too.

Eileen Ferguson, Co-Founder