Our team.

The very best at what we do.

It’s our absolute belief that we have people who are the best at what they do. They’ve worked in just about every sector of consumer and B2B markets, and they offer a fantastic mix of skill sets, experience, and fresh perspectives. Above all, we’re fun to work with.

Managing Director

Ruth Mattera.

Originally moving from the west side of Glasgow to work in Newcastle’s largest advertising company in the noughties to be running one of the coolest independents now going. Ruth has worked in the industry for over 20 years, with vast experience working with a range of clients from start-ups needing a brand strategy, story, and design to established companies who need a new lease of life. 

Ruth has a passion for creative ideas which spills over to her personal life, making and designing 1960s-inspired dresses in her spare time. A mod at heart, with an eye for detail and anything from the 60s, Ruth is interested in, which probably explains the three classic Italian scooters at home. A lover of mid-Century to space-age Interior design, and sewing podcasts, being a Beatle-head and anything that Paul Weller does will get her dancing! Ruth’s a self-confessed vintage sewing pattern junkie. Her only flaw is she still thinks the Goonies is the best movie ever made!

Chief Executive

Duncan McEwan.

Duncan can’t quite believe it when he says that he’s been in the advertising and design business for 40 years as of 2022. For 6 years before that, he was an Officer In the ranks of Northumbria Police Force. However, having been to Art College on leaving school he felt that he had maybe missed his vocation. He extracted himself from the police and managed to secure a position as a visualiser in a small Newcastle Ad Agency. One thing led to another and he ended up Creative Director of a large full-service Advertising Agency for nearly 20 years, before founding Hedley McEwan in 2011, with now-retired partner Tom Hedley.

In his spare time, he likes to write; he’s written a feature film, which is out doing the production company rounds, but no luck as yet! A novel, which is about to go out to publishers, a kids book about The Queen and an Eloquent Elephant! And he’s working on a stage play about two piano shifting families who are at war with each other! And if that wasn’t drama enough, he’s also a long-standing Newcastle United season ticket holder!


Multimedia Director

Allan Cooke.

Allan has over 35 years of experience in the advertising industry. He specialises in Multi-Media; Video editing, CGI, Motion graphics, sound design, that sort of thing.

Outside of work he like fell-walking (mainly Wainwright’s) but also loves Real Ale. Music creation is another passion, he’s got all the kit; Guitars, amps, drum machines…but these days he creates most of his music on the Mac in Logic Pro. Allan plays a lot of video games, and also dabbles in making his own game worlds in Unity 3D Game Engine. 

He also loves building stuff, at the minute I’m building myself a studio in the back garden!

Head of Artwork

Gareth Winter.

Gareth is a local lad through and through. Throughout his career spanning 20 years he has worked in and around Newcastle, and over half of this time he’s been with us, he must be doing something right, in fact, he has become a very important member of the HMc team with his ‘keep calm and carry on’ approach to any challenge we or the client throws his way. Brought up in a very creative household his dad was a Graphic Design teacher it seemed the natural progression for Gareth to go one better and become a designer in his own right.

Like many of the team, he is a proud product of the 90s, with his music tastes never moving any further than the early noughties. Indie, Britpop, Rock and secretly even Dance, nostalgia is the key! He likes nothing better than spending time socialising with friends whether he has a pint of real ale in hand or eating out. Luckily for his health, he balances this with a keen interest in running and boxing.  

Creative Project Manager

David Hampton.

Dave loves the industry, especially the production, and creative services side of things. At home discussing projects of all types. He is a clear, linear thinker that comes to life when talking about production projects or ink on paper – especially nice paper. Once ordered all the Monadnock paper in Europe from GF Smith for a print job!

Has found his love of cycling again, and delights in running through his route on Strava (other Apps available) checking his Achievements, and he is on the lookout for a new wheelset.

Dave loves sport of all sorts and a Lager, but only the good ones! Has a very wide taste in music; Mowtown, Soul, The Jam, Kings of Leon and has even been introduced to the delights of Dev and Drake by his son! Favourite film? Cool Hand Luke!

However, despite all his loves and passions, Dave is a family man at heart, which has recently been enlarged by Sunny, his Golden Retriever!

Senior Project Manager

Danielle Carr.

Danielle is a lover of the outdoors and spends many weekends away in her campervan, on her paddleboard, mountain biking, or watching her partner racing dirt bikes. Avid boot-camper but can’t beat a day with friends having bottomless brunch, on lunch dates or pub crawls. She joined the team shortly after returning home from travelling around Asia and Australia working for 2 years on banana and prawn farms. Australia is now her second home having met her partner there.

Her favourite era of music is without a doubt the 90’s/00’s with a huge love for old-school Busted and she’s not ashamed to be a true Belieber!! 

The diversity of clients and projects in her job at Hedley McEwan is what drives her and with no two days being the same it keeps her on her toes. 

Creative Designer

Rich Rogerson.

Rich is a self-confessed aging geek/hipster, a denim head, with a devotion to Japanese denim, heritage, and sustainably made clothing, which populates his Instagram account. 

A stereotypical beard and glasses-wearing graphic designer with a love of craft beer, but now as a father of two that hobby have more or less been hit on the head! (for now) and replaced by consent demand for coffee. 

Rich has been a creative type all his life, following his father's (a local artist) footsteps into the creative world. Rich is a versatile designer with some quirky ideas, bringing a broad range of experiences. 

He’s an occasional gamer and has a passion for all things sci-fi from Star Trek to Star Wars. His favourite movie is Die Hard and his music tastes are wide and varied: Metal, Punk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, and Hip Hop!

He’s a family man and an all-around sound bloke! 

Creative Artworker

Lee Freeman.

Cuddly bearded, tattooed, geeky with a passion for almost anything Star Wars-related and a love of Japanese tattoos. Always chilled with a friendly positive attitude to life. In his spare time likes to relax with a good movie or craft some epic diorama, while collecting Star Wars Helmets and many other movie-related props and collectibles. Lee Has worked in the industry since the mid-90s, working his way up from a studio junior to where he is today. Tech-savvy and an eye for detail, passionate about getting stuck into any project, while eager to put his own stamp on whatever client he’s working on. Always learning and expanding on his skill set; you CAN! Teach an old dog new tricks.

Lee’s favourite movies are, of course, The original Star Wars trilogy, favourite Christmas movie: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Ha has a love of console games, and have owned a Gameboy, Nintendo SNES, Nintendo N64, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. He’s a Biker without a bike at the moment lol, and loves anything heavy in music, but can tolerate easy-listening Dance, Rap, or even Britpop!


Social Media Manager

Nicola Coaker.

Beginning her career in the media industry when she relocated from her hometown of Middlesbrough to London for university, Nicola has a background in all things PR, social media, and journalism. 

Outside of work, Nicola runs her own record label focusing on marketing local artists who’ve gone on to secure performance slots at Reading and Leeds festival, worked with brands like Nandos and BBC Three, as well as amassing millions of streams! Her favourite genres of music are UK Rap, R&B, and Soul. She’s also a foodie and spends most of her weekends eating out, or traveling to various cities for concerts.