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Brands mean different things to different people. Some think it’s merely a logo. others can get quite theoretical and complicated about it all. We like to think our job is to make the complex simple, so you won’t catch us bamboozling anyone. Brand is personality, like people, how they talk, how they act, how they are. So brands aren’t just logos. Remember, people don’t buy what you sell, they buy what you stand for.

Advertising and branding is a very particular skill, which takes many years of practice to perfect. This requires experience which Hedley McEwan are very fortunate to have an abundance of. You’ll find some of the newer ‘digital’ offerings can be a little lacking in this department. So whether you require more ‘traditional’ offline advertising or ‘squeaky new’ digital online advertising, Hedley McEwan and our sister agency ‘Digital Doves,’ are well placed to produce work that will get results.

This is possibly the ultimate creative exercise. Often, we have just a client idea. No name, no brand, no nothing, just an idea. It is then down to us to turn that idea into a living breathing brand, with its own look, its own personality, and its own unique story. We then develop a creative strategy and brand narrative which allows our new brand to take its place in society.

A brand that already exists but may have lost its way and its relevance in its own marketplace, often need a little help to rejuvenate itself. Hedley McEwan takes a ‘forensic’ approach to these projects, looking deeply into the existing business model and brand persona to find a way to bring back its ‘mojo.’

It’s amazing the difference a new brand and positioning can make to the fortunes of a business.

Hedley McEwan has many years of experience producing great creative for broadcast television and cinema commercials. As we move through the digital era, you will find it more and more difficult to work with an agency that has this skill set. Broadcast TV is in our DNA, however, this experience is brought to good use more frequently as a result of the proliferation of filmed and animated digital content for use in the online space.

It is vital that ‘content’ has the correct ‘context.’ That is where sound creative strategy comes into its own.

Once a creative strategy has been formed, it then has to be translated into collateral. That can take many forms: film, print, packaging, display, experiential, or out of home. Whatever the route to your customers, we will find a way to talk to them that is engaging, persuasive, and creative. When an idea or campaign has been approved by the client, we then move into the artwork and production phase of the project.

We have a team of highly specialised professionals, who are skilled users of all the major software tools at their disposal.



Digital transformation is becoming ever more important by the day. More and more businesses and brands have had to get their digital act together to survive and grow. There is so much digital activity out there now, that just being in the space is not enough anymore. You have to stand out, engage and persuade. In the past, brands were seducers, in recent years through digital they have become stalkers. Perhaps times are changing for the better.

We approach digital marketing as if it’s well, just marketing. If you approach your audience armed only with data analysis, you will have the foundations of a good campaign. However, if you apply sound marketing principles based upon years of experience and an understanding of how people behave and interact in the real world, you’ll have a much more effective campaign on your hands. People are just people after all.

You see a lot of digital creative out there, and it’s not what you would call, creative. It does a job, but that’s the nature of digital, it’s very targetable and measurable which means it generally works. However, apply sound creative strategy and quality creative ideas to digital assets and you can create much more powerful and more effective work. Whether display advertising or social media, there’s always room for creativity.

The main thing to remember about web design is that the user experience matches the brand personality. Too many websites seem to be at odds with the brand story. Hedley McEwan lay great store by ensuring that the online presence is seamlessly matched to the strategy adopted for the brand at all other touch points.

Add this to slick, robust functionality and you’ll have a web offering that will really work for your brand.


Creative Project Management.

As a client, you may be used to working with an agency and being ‘allocated’ an ‘account manager’ to handle your business. Hedley McEwan doesn’t use this term. As we place creativity at the heart of what we do, we prefer the term ‘Creative Project Manager.’  This reminds our team that ‘creativity' comes first, and we hope that this reassures our client-partners that a more agile and imaginative relationship can be expected.

Our creative project managers have a wealth of experience devising and planning effective marketing campaigns for clients in just about any sector you care to mention. Great Organisation and client servicing skills are vital, but at Hedley McEwan, we also hold great store by the intuition, insight, and creativity of our creative project managers.

Planning and buying of media is an extremely specialist area, with an ever-changing landscape.

Hedley McEwan prefers to work with trusted partners to deliver media solutions that marry with our creative strategy and match client objectives through cost-effective placement. Reaching the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

A few years ago, the informed opinion was that print and press were being designated to a place in history.

However, we have found this to be far from reality. So much so, that we employ an in-house print specialist, and he’s kept pretty busy we can assure you. Also, press advertising is also alive and kicking despite its much-vaunted demise. We manage and plan both on your behalf.


There’s always a lot going on at Hedley McEwan, unfortunately some of it so new, that we are unable to talk about it yet. However here are a few things we can talk about.

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