A few home truths from HMc headquarters

01 July 2022

It’s not great to go on about yourself, as someone, somewhere, once said: ‘You’ve got two ears and one mouth use them in that proportion. Very wise advice indeed, however, we don’t do it very often, so please indulge us on this occasion: 


Congratulations are in order.

Danielle Carr has been promoted to Senior Project Manager. This well-deserved step-up is in recognition of her talent and tenacity, but also for going the extra mile, doing stuff she’s not being asked, and that’s all good stuff by the way! She always puts herself forward to take the strain if a colleague is under pressure.

Top marks Danielle, and thanks so much for being so great.


New starter, and a new offering for clients.

We’re over the moon to welcome Nicola Coaker to HMc as our new Social Media Manager. She comes from a Journalist/PR background; from the North East originally but began building her career in London. Recently though, she has specialised in digital, and in particular Social Media.
She brings with her an in-depth and strategic approach to everything online and Social. We’ve heard clients say that they’ve tried Social Media and got nothing out of it. Well, that won’t be the case when we get Nicola on the case! So if any of our clients out there want to use Social and online marketing as an effective part of their marketing mix, well, you know who to call.


Headly McEwan