intu Eldon Square

Colourful Dining

intu Eldon Square was getting a massive investment into an older, original area of the centre that was underused and was acting more as a ‘passageway’ to and from St. Andrews Way a bright new, modern extension. Old Eldon Square, close to the iconic Grey’s Monument, was going to change into a solely restaurant area called Grey’s Quarter. Our task was to not only to tell everyone of the new, improved dining experience but to help compete with an already vibrant city full of restaurants and bars. 


Our ‘Colourful Dining’ campaign not only did that for Grey’s Quarter, it also fast became the ‘go to’ area for dining out in the city. As well as utilising all of the usual offline and online channels, we also spent time in each of the 22 new restaurants and filmed what they do best, showcasing their varied and unique offer to create a stunning movie.