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August 26, 2016

It makes life a lot easier when you have clients with a single-minded view of what their brand stands for. Like Square One Law. We’ve worked together since both businesses opened our doors within weeks of each other, way back in 2011. Here is our latest campaign for Sq...

July 12, 2016

We’ve just finished filming a massively ambitious documentary to mark Fergusons Transport 90th anniversary. Here we see Hedley McEwan’s Joe Haynes and Duncan McEwan on set having just filmed a re-creation of life in Bath Lane, Blyth in 1926 where it all started for Fer...

June 28, 2016

We’ve created many ads and production films over the years but this one we recently completed for the huge Carr’s Milling Group for their ‘state of the art’ flour milling plant in Kirkcaldy was quite a challenge! As well as all the normal challenges a production of thi...

June 13, 2016

The Robots are here! We’ve recently completed the National launch of Flymo Robotic Mowers. Everything from precisely targeted digital TV and online ads, to digital football perimeter hoardings and national press. Robots are the future… they told us to say that!

June 10, 2016

When highly fashion-conscious intu Trafford Centre in Manchester does homewares, it does it with a twist. Our multi-channel ‘Fashion Your home’ campaign highlighted their superior offering with a touch of style, really bringing it home!

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