intu Victoria Centre

Be Victorious

The image of Nottingham had hit an all time low, though there was an impetus to help the city return to it’s former glory, partly due to a massive redevelopment for Victoria Centre itself.  We felt that Victoria Centre should rightly be at the centre of the cities resurgence. 


We came up with a linked, two part idea. The first was the strapline ‘the heart of Nottingham’, underlining the fact that the centre is absolutely at the core of the city, it echoed a certain local pride. The people of Nottingham saw it as their centre and are fiercly loyal to it. 


We needed a campaign idea that was bold, confident and proud. An idea that linked in with the ‘heart of the city’. An idea that is uniquely Victoria Centre.  Be Victorious was that idea. It linked up neatly with the strapline by playfully replacing one of the ‘o’s with a heart graphic.  Allied with some great photography this campaign oozed confidence, attitude and most of all pride.