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What makes us different?.

Whether it’s an advertising project or design project or a mixture of both, we treat everything in the same way. That is, finding the right story to tell. People don’t buy what you sell, they buy what you stand for. It stands to reason, therefore, that each and every project we look at has to start with a story. This brand story then has to convey what a particular brand stands for.

Finding the story often requires a lot of research and a clear understanding of a client's marketplace. Only then can we produce work that will really, work.


Our work

What we do.

Clients will often come to you and say “This is what I want.” Now the easy thing to do is just give them what they want, after all, it’s their business and they know best, right? Well, that’s not always the case, and this is where the questions need to start, we have to find out what a client ‘needs’ not necessarily what they ‘want.’

How we do it.

When we’re satisfied we fully understand the clients' needs, we then need to fully understand their business objectives; their product or service; their customers, and the marketplace. Now, this is where the alchemy happens; Armed with sufficient knowledge, we turn our findings into ‘insight.’



Why we do it.

A strategy is a word that’s thrown around quite a lot, by people trying to make things sound more complicated than they need to be. A strategy is just a plan, a plan that is going to guide you on your route to meeting your objectives. That’s about it, simple. However, to produce a plan that will take you there without getting lost requires the implementation of insight.

How it works.

With a sound strategy in place, we are now ready to create. Whether that creation is a new brand, website or advertising campaign, the application of strategy still applies. Without a strategy in place design can often be for design's sake, based only on current trends or fads. Adhering to strategy makes our work, work better.

What it does.

With our favoured creative options brought to life, we then re-evaluate these against our strategy just to make sure that in the excitement of creation we did not wander off the approved path. Once we are satisfied with our work we then share with the client in the belief that subjectivity has been removed and replaced by objectivity.

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There’s always a lot going on at Hedley McEwan, unfortunately some of it so new, that we are unable to talk about it yet. However here are a few things we can talk about.

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