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What's going on.


Hedley McEwan have been part of a talented team developing 'sprinGuru', a new casual shoe brand. They are amazingly comfortable as they have a 'spring and dampener system' built into the sole. The same principal as the suspension of a car. With the help of our friends at re:production, we have produced a film which is live NOW on Kickstarter.com. Have a look and if you like what you see, why not make a pledge and be one of the first people in the world to own a pair of the amazing sprinGurus.

This is definitely one of the most unusual things we have been asked to design. A set of Gates. Not your common or garden gates, oh no; fabulously decorative, branded gates for the soon to open Lakes Distillery, Cumbria. They are being lovingly crafted by a local artist as we speak.