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Thursday 2nd July 2015

We provide creative solutions,
to marketing objectives.

That’s it, simple.

The core of everything we
do is ‘the truth, well told’.

It all starts with the idea.
The bigger the better.

We can help you change
the game.

What We Do

We provide creative solutions to marketing objectives. That’s it, simple really. Within our amazing team we’ve got years of experience of creating imaginative and game-changing solutions to fulfil our clients’ needs across all communication platforms; mainstream and niche. We’ve helped build big brands by giving them big ideas. If our clients have a great story, we’ll tell it and tell it well. We’re also building quite a reputation for ‘Brand Invention’ and ‘Re-Invention’. In addition to what you’d expect from a company like ours, we also have in-house 3D animation and TV production specialists, dedicated print project management and buying expertise, web design and digital production facilities. And when it comes to media, we have a powerhouse of a partner in Carat UK, one of the world’s biggest and most respected media firms, all delivered through their Newcastle office.


What’s Going On.

Here’s a flavour of some recent cool stuff we’ve been doing.

We’re on the move!

We can finally announce the exciting news of our imminent move to new offices in July. After more than three very happy and very successful years at Toffee Factory, we’re heading…

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Purple Apple Awards

We’ve been successful enough to win more than our fair share of awards in our long and varied careers, but we have definitely never been prouder of the one our lovely…

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Christmas comes early

Yes, it’s that time of year again – Christmas… well, it is for us! Hot off the press today, Monday 20th of April is our first Christmas job of the year. Centre for Life’s Conference…

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What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word on how good we are – take a look at what our clients think…

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